Lovely, I see you

I see your dedication, your passion, your purpose, and your desire.


You’re destined to be a bright light in this world yet right now you just feel like you’ve lost your spark or that something is missing.


You feel out of alignment with the work you’re doing, you desire to share your passion with the world but it’s hard to be motivated when you’re low on energy, tired or lacking clarity and feeling stuck.


You’re saying yes to work you don’t desire, spreading yourself too thin and massively undervaluing yourself because you’re fearful it’s the only way you’ll make money.


You dream of healthy breakfasts, morning rituals, downtime to focus on spiritual growth and the financial freedom to jet off in luxury to Bali or the Maldives if you want to but that’s just not your reality.

If only your mind, body, and spirit were awake again and back in alignment.

You know you’re destined for more. More passion, more purpose, more abundance,  more inspiration, and more happiness.

 Come away with me.

Awaken your passion. Align your spirit.

You and your business can be more. You can have connection and community. You can show up for life as your highest self and be guided onto your highest path fulfilling your highest vision.

Picture this…

Waking up in a stunning cottage retreat with magnificent views from every window. 

Surrounded by 3000 acres of land giving you space to feel the stillness and connect to nature.

High vibe, wholesome and nourishing food served by our in-house Chef.

Bespoke group workshops designed to help you connect to the truth of who you are and your divine purpose in this world. 

Set inside a stunning wellbeing centre sanctuary designed specifically to highest serve your mind, body and spirit. 

It’s an opportunity for you to put your spiritual growth first and connect fully with your highest purpose

With my support at this retreat, you will be held to the highest of standards.  

Be prepared to experience soul-expanding breakthroughs that will align you to living out the life and business vision of your limitless dreams!


This sounds like bliss, what is included?


2 Nights in a magnificent Cottage Retreat set amongst 3000 acres of nature on the Broughton Hall Estate in Skipton, Yorkshire. 


Intimate group coaching and workshops set within the state of the art Avalon Wellbeing centre designed specifically to highest serve your mind, body and spirit


Group workshops are focused on Mindset, Spirituality, Abundance, Passion, Soul Purpose and aligning all of this to life and business so you can elevate higher. 


Share Circle, Releasing Ritual and Fire Ceremony in the purpose built fire hut on the grounds of the estate.


Daily Guided Movement, Meditations & Visualisations Deepening your Connection to Yourself & a Higher Power.


Down-time to enjoy the luxury Spa, Indoor Pool Suite and Heat rooms at Avalon Wellbeing Centre or stroll the grounds of this historic estate. 


Time to connect with other spiritual business besties who are on the same purpose driven mission as you.

Intimate group coaching

focused on your spiritual growth and alignment to your highest path

Soul Purpose Clarity

Align your life and business vision with your soul purpose so you can experience true fulfillment for the work you do.

Get clear on the habits, beliefs and behaviours that are no longer serving you for your highest good in your life and business.

Understand the unique value you bring to this world, drop the belief of not being good enough and gain the confidence to create a life & business vision you can be proud of.

Gain clarity on your dream balanced lifestyle desires so you can show up for life as your highest self, fulfilling your highest path and living out your highest vision.

Soul Aligned Success

Get comfortable with speaking your truth, asking for what you truly desire and selling your dream services in a ‘soul aligned’ way.

Expand your ‘Wealth Consciousness’ by releasing the fears and limitingbeliefs you currently hold around money.

Create a new money blueprint and unlock limitless abundance which you deserve for the work you do in this world – there is nothing spiritual about poverty!

Learn how to create strong boundaries in life and business by only saying yes to services, clients and opportunities that light up your soul!

Move past the fears that are blocking you from opportunity and cultivate a miracle mindset where anything is possible.

High Vibration Goals & 2020 Vision

Learn how to set ‘High Vibration’ and ‘Limitless’ goals that are in alignment with your true heart’s desires.

Map out your 2020 life and business vision with a bespoke soul-aligned strategy and process from Sarah to help you get there.

Learn how to maximise your strengths so you can quantum leap forwards and allow yourself to be held and supported as you rise.

Grow into the confident soul-inspired businesswoman you desire to be so you can take consistent action towards your goals and desires.

Rituals & Ceremonies

Learn the power of spiritual practice, rituals and ceremonies that will open you up to receiving limitless guidance from this Universe.

Experience an exclusive private Sacred Fire Ceremony, releasing anything that no longer serves you and making space for only that which inspires, uplifts and elevates you in life and business.

Connect deeper with your soul sister business besties through Share Circles, Meditations, Visualisations and Daily Spiritual Practices led by Sarah.

Exclusive Access to Spa

Take some much needed down-time for yourself to align your soul in this state of the art wellness sanctuary and spa which we have EXCLUSIVE access to.

Allow yourself to relax into a state of peace and harmony creating space for inspired ideas to flow through.

Allow yourself to be fully supported and treated like the divine Goddess you are simply soaking up the high vibes and energy of this luxurious environment with your new found soul sister tribe.

Soul Nourishing Food

Knowing how much of a huge part food plays with the mind, body and spirit connection, you will be served high vibe, wholesome and nourishing food.

Experience increased energy and a sense of wellness as each of your meals are catered for by our in-house private chefs and team.

Soul Sister Connections

Take home the priceless gift of soul sister connections who totally ‘get you’ and most importantly support you in your soul inspired limitless vision.

Share a life-changing experience and journey with soul sisters who are on the same mission as you and confidently rise together.


Introducing your host & founder of the Soul Savvy Collective

If you know me you will know that wherever I go, I bring my positive energy, inspiring vibes, soulful transformations & lots of fun.

Put simply, i’m an ambitious, driven soul with a savvy side too.

I’ve been on my own transformational journey, rising up from rock bottom to create my dream life and business vision and it is my ultimate purpose in life to empower you to rise with me.

I believe you have your own unique gifts and infinite value to bring into this world and when you lean on the universe whilst following the inspiration and pleasures in life, everything you desire will flow to you miraculously.

You reading this right now only confirms that you’re awakening to so much more and feeling the call to rise.

Through the journey of discovering and stepping into my highest purpose, I’ve been able to create this one of a kind, life-changing experience and retreat that will blast open your perception of what you believe is possible for you.

Awaken & Align is not just any ordinary retreat, it’s an experience I’ve created that allows you to experience life as your most freeing, limitless and fulfilled self whilst feeling 100% supported by an ambitious soul sister collective who are committed to rising with you.

If you’re tired of feeling low on energy, tired of saying yes to work that doesn’t light your soul on fire and ready to give into that inner whisper that longs for more… 

This is for you, 

Sarah x

This is for you if:


You are an established business owner who feel lost, stuck or like you’re ready to elevate higher, aligning with more passion and purpose in your life and business.


You are an Aspiring Business Owner who desires to take the leap and create a passion and purpose driven business.


You are passionate about increasing impact and income and feeling fulfilled and lit up with the work you do.


You are looking to develop total faith in the unseen and trust the limitless opportunities that the Universe has to offer.


You are looking to connect with a Spiritual Soul Sister Community so you can feel 100 percent supported on your awakening journey.


Who are willing to do the inner work to walk away with complete Clarity, Confidence and the Courage to take the next step breaking through to the next level in life and business.


Pay In Full


Payment Plan

£749 x 2

What others are SAYING

Before the retreat, I felt in limbo. I was frustrated in my job, desiring to start my own passion-based business and knew there must be more to life. Worrying about the future, being in control and trying to plan how things were going to work out for me was stressing me out and I just couldn’t see how things would work out.  

During the retreat, I had a light bulb moment of living in the present and ‘being here now’. I learned that whilst I can work towards a future goal, I don’t need to dwell or worry about the outcome. At the retreat, it really clicked for me that I’m not supposed to know how every little detail will work out and I’ve learned how to surrender to the Universe whilst taking inspired action and having faith that everything will align.

Sarah’s retreat is the perfect mixture of learning about yourself, exploring where you want to go in life and business and how to take those next steps while making new friends and having lots of fun in an environment that isn’t judgemental or competitive. Everyone is there for their own reason.  A real stand out moment for me was feeling so happy and being with girls who I’d known less than a week but felt so connected to. 

Laura Easton

Before the retreat, everything felt heavy in my life and I had little clarity on what I wanted to do, the true person I am, my business goals and general life.  

I now feel like a whole weight has been lifted off me. During the retreat I was able to let go of baggage I was holding on to, whilst learning how to connect, trust and have faith in the universe. I learned that opening your heart doesn’t need to be painful and being yourself is more than enough.  

My whole mindset has changed and I’ve since seen so much growth 1000%, from my self-worth to my outlook on life and gaining complete clarity on what direction I’d like my business and life to go towards. 

Sarah’s retreat was a life-changing experience where the coaching was intense but perfect as it lead to life-changing mental breakthroughs in all areas of my life and business. Full of laughter, relaxation, fun and incredible friendships.  

I literally feel like EVERYTHING was PERFECT,, the change in my mental health and the group of ladies I spent the retreat with as well as Sarah being the most incredible host was above amazing and I would definitely recommend.

Emily Oatridge


For ambitious women awakening to their highest purpose and creating a life of more passion and meaning.

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