The Whisper

An 8 Week Live Divine Feminine Immersion
For She Who Dares to Lead With Her Desires & Heart


Quieten Your Mind, Allow Your Soul to Speak

In the Silence You Will Discover the Answers You Seek

Tune into the True Desires of Your Heart

Dare to Lead with Love and Play Your Part

There is a Vision Waiting to Be Birthed Through You
Will You Trust the Whispers of Your Soul & Step into Something New?

“Receiving support from both Sarah & Stacey has awakened me to a totally new life & version of myself. Sarah has been a joy to work with, supporting me in unlocking my divine gifts, and sharing with me the tools that allow me to continue to grow and lead myself. She has helped to fast track my soul growth into 5D frequencies through releasing blockages and activating my heart’s desires. Stacey’s healing power & gifts are immense. Stacey supported me in coming out of a very long and dark tunnel that I had been consumed in for 7 years. Working with Stacey I experienced profound shifts waking each day with excitement in my tummy and happiness I hadn’t felt in a long time. I leave the support of both of these women feeling awakened, fully activated, empowered and knowing my full truth. I cannot imagine the expansion that will happen inside of the Whisper with these two powerhouses working together.”

Sarah Clancy

In this live 8 week Divine Feminine Immersion

You will:

Take Your Power Back

Learn to trust in the whispers of your heart. It’s time to step out from the shadows and stop dimming your light. Start saying “yes” to expansion. Say “yes” to life. And say “yes” to your desires.

Know Who You Truly Are

Who are you beyond the labels and beyond society’s expectations? Release the need to live within a perception of who you think you should be. Let go of control. Feel blissful and content by aligning to your truest divine essence.

Speak Your Truth

Your courage is there, waiting for you to show up in your authentic truth. You know you can’t get this wrong. In fact, you’ve been training for this moment for lifetimes. The world is ready for your uniqueness. The world is ready for your magic.

Allow Yourself More

It’s time to allow more support, more connection, more intimacy, and deeper relationships, whether friendship, romantic, or business partnerships. Allow yourself to receive the abundance that’s all around you. It’s time to heal that sister wound and start trusting women. You are so supported, allow yourself to trust.

Live Your Deepest Devotion

Create a life that is in the deepest devotion to yourself and to Source. You are bold enough to go all in on your desires. You’re finally saying “yes,” ready to live without fearing the “what ifs,” the pain, and the regret of saying no.

Gain Clarity on Your Next Chapter

There is a unique purpose and mission for your life. A vision that only you can fulfil. Gain clarity on your next chapter so you can keep moving forwards and being the beacon of light.


“Through my work with both Sarah and Stacey, I have been able to unlock further a sense of inner knowing and embody my limitless potential as a lightworker here on Earth at this time. The quantum work I was guided through by these women, along with downloads shared and upgrades offered has enabled me to rise up into my truth to serve my soul’s purpose. “


The spaces these women hold for both healing and expansion are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, they are truly life-changing; my future feels abundant, exciting and unbound. Through working with Sarah & Stacey alike, I have gained so much clarity and perspective on my existence through which I have also been able to unblock and release wounds from both this lifetime and lifetimes before. With Sarah & Stacey’s support I have propelled my life into the highest timeline, supported with the confidence to connect to myself, my team, beings and energy outside of me to live a life of destiny that both my human and soul desires.

Martha May Corton

Enter The Whisper

Early Bird Available Now UNTIL 24th MAy 2021

Early Bird Bonuses Include:

  • Bonus 1:1 Multi-Dimensional Healing Session with Sarah & Stacey to be used at any time throughout the course of the 8 weeks.

  • Bonus Tarot reading with our in-house Intuitive Amanda. ‘The Tarot Touch’ is a tarot experIENCE tailored specifically to the area of life you feel you need the most support with.

“Oh! Where do I start with the beautiful energies that are Sarah & Stacey? I have worked with both Sarah & Stacey on an individual basis and I can honestly say hand on heart they are the most special souls that I was meant to cross paths with. The vibes, the energy, the light and the love that radiates from them both is just unreal. I have been coached by Sarah on a 1:1 basis and in group containers for the past 2 years. Sarah has helped me in such ways I can’t even describe. I was a mess before I met Sarah and she’s helped me reconnect with myself in ways I didn’t even know was possible and for that, I will be forever grateful. Through Sarah, I was introduced to Stacey and knew instantly that I would work with her. I was really intrigued by Stacey and her unique talent and WOW, I’ve been blown away by the massive leaps in confidence I’ve made since working with her. Working with both women I’m more in tune with my energies, my thoughts and connections. My confidence has soared since connecting with them both and I’ve since launched my own online course helping women with their own confidence. 2 years ago that definitely wasn’t possible and with the help and guidance of these two incredible women I now know… anything is possible!”

Sarah Clarke


For ambitious women awakening to their highest purpose and creating a life of more passion and meaning.

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The Paradigm of Light

Activate your highest soul mission & remember the truth of who you are. Join my free emails and save your spot in the live 3 day Soul Activation Programme for women. 

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The Paradigm of Light

Activate your highest soul mission & remember the truth of who you are. Join my free emails and save your spot in the live 3 day Soul Activation Programme for women. 

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