I get

Where You’re At…

Feeling like you’re being called to LEAP INTO A NEW BEGINNING or STEP INTO A NEW VERSION of you but you’re not sure how to make the change or where to even begin.  

Desiring to live a meaningful life of PASSION AND PURPOSE but self doubt & second guessing keeps you stuck where you are.  

You’ve got a head full of DREAMS and need CONFIDENCE to follow them through.  

Here’s the deal…

2 years ago I felt the exact same way.

Tired of feeling lost, unfulfilled and living in fear, I decided one day to commit to GROWTH and find a way to live with more MEANING.

Turning to spirituality EMPOWERED me to take a LEAP OF FAITH leaving behind a life I had out-grown to step into a NEW BEGINNING.

Going on the biggest personal JOURNEY of SELF-DISCOVERY, I re-created myself, growing into the woman I had always desired to be, creating the life and business of my DREAMS and relocating to LOS ANGELES, something I had always visualised doing!

I believe it is my SOUL PURPOSE to support you along this empowering and TRANSFORMATIONAL journey too. It is my desire that you experience what it feels like to fully love yourself, fully BELIEVE in yourself and achieve your highest potential in your life, career or business. 

I BELIEVE you being here is not random. Our paths have crossed for a reason and this offering is for you…

In case we’re meeting for the first time…

Here’s the short version of my story

I walked away from a life that wasn’t in alignment with my HIGHEST VISION to re-create myself and commit to living a life of PASSION AND PURPOSE.  

I felt so EMPOWERED as a result of TAKING A LEAP OF FAITH that I created a private community the ‘Soul Savvy Tribe’ to share my message with other women too.

My message began to spread and I started hosting events and meet-ups that brought us women together, creating an amazing COMMUNITY of like-minded and supportive soul sisters.

My coaching business grew and I ACHIEVED A LIFE-LONG DREAM being fully location independent and re-locating to Los Angeles to continue to spread my message internationally.

I now spend my time continuing to GROW, LEARNING FROM THE BEST teachers and mentors and pass all of this knowledge on to my clients and my tribe – this isn’t ‘work’ for me – IT’S MY PASSION! 

I feel completely FULFILLED and IN LOVE with the person I have become and the life I have created for myself. Waking up every day filled with PASSION and FEELING A DEEP SENSE OF PURPOSE is the best feeling in the world.

I learn from the best – Marianne Williamson & Jay Shetty being some of my huge inspirations.

that’s why

I’m excited to share with you


Soul Savvy Academy

An exclusive 90 day group programme for the ambitious woman, ready to take a leap, transforming fears into faith and creating a life of passion & purpose.

Inside the academy

we will…

Gain CLARITY on your true desires for your life, career or business. Knowing WHO YOU ARE at your core, understanding the WOMAN you DESIRE to be and the lifestyle you want to live. 

Create a passionate life that’s in ALIGNMENT with your personal VALUES and your SOUL PURPOSE. Creating the VISION for yourself that you have visualised so clearly in your heart for years. 

This is your opportunity to DREAM BIG, lay it all out there! Once you’re clear on the biggest vision for who you desire to become and where you desire to take your life, career or business, we can begin to connect the dots to getting the ENERGY behind it to make it happen. 

Take only

Inspired Action & Quantum Leaps

Learn how to silence your ego, fully TRUST your intuition and follow only that what completely LIGHTS YOU UP. I’ll share with you how you can take INSPIRED ACTION expriencing quantum leaps and shifts towards your DREAM VISION whilst having a lot of fun along the way.

empower you with

Life-Changing Rituals

How you SHOW UP for yourself determines what shows up for YOU.

Learn how to PURPOSELY CREATE your most HIGH VIBE energy daily so you become a MAGNET for OPPORTUNITY.

We will dive deep into ENERGETIC TOOLS and TECHNIQUES that you can use to EMPOWER and programme yourself into being the UNSTOPPABLE, AMBITIOUS woman you know deep down you are here to be!


Your Limiting Beliefs

Say goodbye to your negative mindset and self-doubt with mindset routines that will help you to fully BELIEVE in yourself.

FREE YOURSELF from irrational fears, over-thinking and limiting beliefs that have kept you STUCK for far too long.

Recognise the old stories and programming you have taken on and been living by up until this point and RELEASE them to form new & EMPOWERING beliefs and habits.

step into

Your Higher Power

You have so much power inside of you just bursting to be released. Your strengths, your gifts and your talents are unique to you. This is what gives you your spirit and your passion.

Combine this with your desire to share these passions with the world, to give back and to influence others. This is what gives you your deep sense of purpose.

Learn to connect your passion and your purpose with a higher power that gives you the confidence and the self-belief to pursue your dreams and share the real, authentic and powerful you with the world.

Your time to step out from the shadows and RISE UP to your highest potential is NOW!


High Vibration Goals

Set crystal clear, measurable goals for yourself. Your goals are the G.P.S of your life, without being completely clear on what you want to achieve, how do you know if you’re headed in the right direction?

Plus, I’ll be there to make sure the goals you set are HIGH VIBRATION goals. High vibration goals are the type of goals that stretch you, they make you feel slightly uncomfortable but also totally EXCITED at the thought of it being possible!

When we set high vibration goals we elevate ourselves, we stretch and we grow, resulting in quantum shifts forward and even bigger transformations!

learn to

Ask for More

For the woman who desires more but is afraid to ASK. 

Opportunity does not always come knocking on our door, we must go out there and CREATE IT. 

Learn how to COURAGEOUSLY speak up and ASK FOR MORE in your life, career or business.

Whether it’s ASKING FOR HELP (simple, but most of us struggle with this!) or asking a new potential client for INVESTMENT, raising your prices if you’re an entrepreneur, asking for a dream COLLABORATION with someone in your niche or even just simply inviting a good CONNECTION for coffee…. 

If you don’t ASK, then how will you ever know?

There are HUGE fears associated with ASKING, mainly because we associate the word ‘NO’ with PAIN – therefore we try to avoid it at all costs.

Learn to enjoy hearing ‘NO’ .

(The average successful person expects to hear a NO at least 7 times before they get the YES!)


Your Wealth Conciousness

Wealth conciousness is something you can always be working on and EXPANDING! 

If you want to truly experience a LIMITLESS life then MASTERING your FINANCES & MONEY MINDSET is a MUST! It’s all just energy and there is limitless amounts of it available to you!

Learn HOW to tune into the frequency of abundance and best handle your money so you can UNDERSTAND your FINANCES and not fear them, making it easier to BRING YOUR VISION to life. 

Once you master this you can co-create any of your desires with the Universe!

call in

Your Soul Tribe

You don’t need to go on this journey alone, there are people out there ready to SUPPORT YOU in the creation of your dream PURPOSEFUL VISION. Learn how to build STRONG RELATIONSHIPS with people in your niche or sector to develop a POWERFUL network and position yourself as a LEADER whether in life, career or business.

You will get

3 months working closely with me (WORTH £4000)

9 life changing course modules & group sessions (WORTH £997)
Private Facebook community & accountability (PRICELESS!)
Access to incredible high-achieving guest expert trainings in mind, body & soul (WORTH £997)
Support & Feedback (PRICELESS)
Life-time access to all course content & community (PRICELESS)


Module 1 - Gain Clarity on Your Passion & Purpose Driven Vision

  • Follow your passions & discover your soul purpose
  • Gain CLARITY on your true desires for your life, career or business. 
  • Knowing WHO YOU ARE at your core, understanding the WOMAN you DESIRE to be and the lifestyle you want to live. 
  • Create a fulfilling future & vision you can be proud of

Module 2 - The Life-Changing Rituals You Need for Success & Transformation

  • Learn how to cultivate a DEEP FAITH in uncertainty and the unknown so you can move confidently towards your dream vision.
  • Learn how to purposely create your most HIGH VIBE energy so you become a MAGNET for miracles & opportunity. 
  • Learn the energetic tools & techniques required to CONNECT you to a higher source so you can be guided onto your highest path.
  • Learn the life-changing habits and rituals required to EMPOWER yourself daily.

Module 3 - Slay the Ego, Feed the Soul

  • Ego vs Intuition – learn how to silence the ego and have the faith to let your INTUITION lead the way.
  • Transform the limiting beliefs keeping you STUCK and reprogramme your mind for SUCCESS.
  • Move past the fears that are blocking you from opportunity and cultivate a MIRACLE MINDSET where anything is possible.

Module 4 - Transforming Pain into Power and Elevating Your Life

  • Connect to your SOUL PURPOSE and the passionate ‘Why’ that drives you.
  • Release past pain and emotional baggage to TRANSFORM it into your future power. There is a GIFT in your past experiences for you to learn and share.
  • RELEASE anything that isn’t serving you for your highest good, make space, raise your standards and ELEVATE your life.

Module 5 - Setting High Vibration Goals & Fulfilling Your Deepest Desires

  • Learn how to set LIMITLESS goals that are in alignment with your true heart’s desires.
  • Create High Vibration Goals that challenge and excite you all at the same time – this is where the magic happens.
  • Learn how to maximize your STRENGTHS so you can QUANTUM LEAP forwards.
  • Grow into the CONFIDENT WOMAN you desire to BE so you can take the consistent ACTION towards your goals and desires.

Module 6 - Develop the Courage to Speak Your Truth & Ask For More

  • Everytime you’re not speaking your TRUTH you’re giving your power away. Step into your power and own your voice.
  • Discover the power of VULNERABILITY.
  • Can’t say no? Learn how to create strong BOUNDARIES in life, career and business by only saying YES when you mean it!
  • You get what you ASK for, so learn to speak up and ask for what your heart truly desires in life.

Module 7 - Release Your Money Blocks & Unlock Limitless Abundance

  • Release the fears and ‘MONEY BLOCKS’ that have been keeping you STUCK in a cycle of feast and famine.
  • Release the NEGATIVE emotion and relationship you hold with money to create a more empowering and abundant reality.
  • Learn how your SELF-WORTH and ability to RECEIVE is directly reflected in your bank account – you deserve limitless WEALTH for the work you do in this world.
  • Learn how to MANIFEST more money, how to let it FLOW and how to unlock LIMITLESS ABUNDANCE into your world.
  • Learn how to MANAGE and cultivate a strong relationship with money so that you get to benefit from and experience it’s true value whilst fulfilling your deepest desires.

Module 8 - Attract Your Soul Tribe

  • Develop a POWERFUL NETWORK to expand on opportunities in life, career and business.
  • You don’t have to walk this path alone, your TRIBE are out there and they’re ready to support you.
  • Learn how to CALL in and surround yourself with people who are on the same MISSION as you.
  • Watch as your CONFIDENCE sky-rockets when you have your soul tribe in place.
  • Be your TRUE SELF around people who understand, love and accept all that you are and all that you desire to be.

Module 9 - Show Up & Shine as Your Highest Self and Claim Your Highest Vision

  • Connect to your HIGHEST SELF and allow her to guide you to your highest, dreamiest vision.
  • Learn how to follow what feels like FUN and PLAY so you can enjoy this magical journey to success.
  • Expand your soul and shine your light as far as the UNIVERSE sees fit allowing you to make waves and have the massive impact you desire.
  • Alignment is KEY, learn how to balance out the art of CREATION and SURRENDER. Let the universe unfold the path for you in ways greater than you ever could have imagined.

BONUS MODULE - Reflections of Your Transformational Journey

  • Reflect on who you were before beginning this programme and celebrate the growth achieved over the past few months.

Which totals up to: £5994




Payment Plans Available

there is more…


BONUS Personal Money Manifestor & Financial Goal Tracker. (WORTH £150)
BONUS Guided Meditation for Passion, Purpose & Abundance (PRICELESS)
BONUS Get my ‘Miracle Morning Ritual Blueprint’ so you can do exactly what I do each morning to attract unlimited miracles into your life, career and business. (PRICELESS)

now only



Payment Plans Available

What could your life look like in just 90 days if you INVESTED in yourself & COMMITTED to creating a life of more

Passion & Purpose?


What others are SAYING

Before signing up for the Soul Savvy Academy – life was OK. I had a job, I was starting my own business & excited about the year ahead however I lacked focus. I had a good idea of the direction I wanted to take my life in but I felt overwhelmed and had no idea where to start.

I’ve always been ambitious and had been feeling the urge to create more more for myself. Even though I had already achieved a lot in my current career I felt like something was missing and I didn’t know what that was.

Working with Sarah in the academy opened my mind to how my mindset was limiting me in so many ways.I had never realised how much of an impact my thoughts had on what was happening in my life and had spent a lot of time prior always worrying that things wouldn’t work out for me or thought that I wasn’t good enough.

Throughout the coaching sessions each week, I started to work through the stories I was telling myself, shifting my perspective and re-writing new empowering stories so I could feel more fulfilled and go on to achieve my goals.

I loved the group sessions as I learned so much from just listening to the other girls – they usually spoke about things that resonated with me and it was comforting to know that others were feeling the same.

Opening up and talking in front of other women in the group was a huge win for me. I don’t like exposing my vulnerability so that was a challenge at first but I realised in doing so that it helped me overcome anything I was struggling with.

Working with Sarah in the academy helped me to establish an empowering morning routine and rituals which have me feeling connected and totally on the right path.
I’ve also developed so much in confidence. In the past i’ve held myself back believing i’m not good enough, where as now i’m now being more courageous, putting myself out there and going after the jobs and business goals that I truly desire.

I’ve learned how to trust in the Universe, trust in the divine timing and not be attached to a specific outcome. This feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I feel more present day to day and less anxious in the faith that all is working out perfectly for me.

Laura Easton

When I first reached out to Sarah, I had the idea to start a coaching business but no confidence to share my message. I was stuck, didn’t know which step to take next and had huge fears around putting my dream vision into action. Sarah helped me connect to my inner power and made me realise I have the power within me to push myself forward and achieve my dreams. The continuous love and support I get from Sarah is something that has enabled me to become so much more confident! I’ve now had the confidence to take the leap, launch my dream business, share my message LIVE on Facebook, host my own Spiritual Events & Speak in front of 50+ people and book life-long dream of travelling and backpacking around Asia – there is nothing stopping me from being my best self and getting my message out there!
Pippa Leslie

Spiritual Life Coach

I know my WHY, i know my HOW, I have complete clarity on my dream vision! The biggest thing is I finally know what I was supposed to be doing all along, and it wasn’t far from what I was doing already! I just needed to get clear on my goals and remember why I was doing it! The tribe alone has made a huge impact on me, I’ve been there from day 1 and I feel like it was totally meant to be to help me build my biggest life and step into my highest self. I freaking love Soul Savvy, Sarah and the Tribe. It’s given me the confidence to live my biggest life, reach my biggest potential and completely smash my business! I’m now living in Bali which was a huge dream of mine acheived and spend my days working from my laptop, beach clubs and juice bars! 1 Year ago this was my dream and now i’m living it
Ashlie Bramwell

Coach for Digital Go-Getters

to date

My Clients…

Have developed UNSHAKEABLE BELIEF in themselves as Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

Learned to say YES to what lights them up and NO to thing’s that don’t! 

Have the CONFIDENCE to be their TRUE, AUTHENTIC self without fear of what others think!

Speak their TRUTH!

ASK for more!

Gained a whole new circle of LIKE-MINDED friends so they no longer feel lost and alone

Have quit their career to TAKE A LEAP, start a passion based business

Have left U.K. life behind to start a new life in BALI and AUSTRALIA


Travel to DREAM DESTINATIONS on their bucket list.



Introducing your host


Sarah Flynn is an international Transformational Coach for AMBITIOUS WOMEN who want to live a life of more PASSION and PURPOSE. Her passion for empowering women was born out of her own transformational experience when she walked away from a life she no longer felt in alignment with and re-created herself from the ground up.  

From Liverpool to L.A. Sarah is on a mission to spread her soulful message on a global scale and is committed to living the impactful life of her DREAMS.  

Through her coaching, online programs, speaking and events Sarah will teach you how to step into your HIGHER POWER, TRANSFORM your fears into FAITH and help you confidently leap into a new direction, achieving your highest potential in life, career or business.

Sarah x


What others are SAYING

Want to know

What’s included?

Everything you need to step into your highest power, transform your fears into faith so you can confidently and also courageously live out all of your desires whilst leading the way for others…


Upon registration you will receive your welcome pack which you will return so I can learn all about you and serve you best during our time working together.

group sessions & modules

Each week we will meet with the other ambitious women of the group for group sessions where you will have access to me to receive the coaching you need. There will also be weekly modules provided and additional resources throughout our journey together.


Each week you will be held accountable to achieving action steps and goals. You will also fill out a reflection sheet so I know how to best serve you in upcoming weeks. 


You will recieve unlimited feedback and support from me in the group as I guide you through some huge transformational shifts to help you step into your higher power and live your dream.


Access to a Private 24/7 Community to be supported by Sarah & the other ambitious like-minded women who are a part of the group program. 

This is…

For you if

You are an AMBITIOUS WOMAN ready to take a leap, transform fears into faith creating a life of more passion & purpose.

You are open-minded, COACHABLE and ready to achieve your HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

Your goal is to wake up each day with PASSION and LOVE for what you do. 

You are COMMITTED to your GROWTH and ready to invest in yourself to take a LEAP in new direction & follow your heart.

You are READY to put your dreams into ACTION and completely TRANSFORM your life!

You are looking to CONNECT and be SUPPORTED by a community of like-minded SOUL SISTERS.

Not for you if

You are resistant to change.

You don’t want to go on a journey of self-discovery and self-creation.

You are not committed in taking consistent action and putting your all into this.

You are not ready to invest in your growth.

You are not COACHABLE.

You don’t want to transform your life.

You do not desire the emotional and financial freedom to follow your dream.


For ambitious women awakening to their highest purpose and creating a life of more passion and meaning.

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The Paradigm of Light

Activate your highest soul mission & remember the truth of who you are. Join my free emails and save your spot in the live 3 day Soul Activation Programme for women. 

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The Paradigm of Light

Activate your highest soul mission & remember the truth of who you are. Join my free emails and save your spot in the live 3 day Soul Activation Programme for women. 

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