The 3 Gateways of Divine Feminine Initiation


Live 3 Day Soul Activation Programme for Women Ready to Embody Their Divine Feminine Goddess Power

Begins 14th September @ 7.00pm GMT

This is for you if


You’re done with fitting in and being the woman everybody else expects you to be. You’ve been feeling the call to make a change for a while and you’re ready to explore what that is.


Self-worth and self-belief is something you struggle with and you’re ready to break through limitations and own ALL of your magic and Goddess power.


You are on the path of spiritual awakening and transformation and you are ready to activate the next level of your divine feminine gifts so you can live your highest soul purpose.

“When I first came across Sarah, I was going through a traumatic experience in my life, yet I was determined to turn my pain into power and make an impact in the world. Sarah supported me by bringing me back to centre, allowing me to ground and heal. From there I was able to get to know myself better, love myself more, access deeper parts of my soul, and in turn activate my divine feminine spiritual gifts. I now share my gifts, impacting the world through my business and feel so much happier, connected, and open-hearted being on this path.”

Rachel Ross Smith

In this live 3 Day Soul Activation Programme

We Will:


Release the emotional and energetic blocks that are preventing you from showing up and shining in your full Divine Feminine Goddess Power.


Reconnect you to the highest vision Spirit has for you through the third eye, so you can gain clarity on the unique gifts, value and depth you have to offer this world.


Activate your Crown, Third Eye and Heart so you become the clear channel and bridge between realms, feeling fully supported by Spirit as you rise.

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For ambitious women awakening to their highest purpose and creating a life of more passion and meaning.

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3 Gateways of Divine Feminine Initiation

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