When you have difficulty connecting with your divine feminine energy, it’s likely that you’ve experienced a wound somewhere in your life. You might not consciously realise that you have this wounded energy, but it’s so common for women to have an energetic block. In this episode, I’m sharing four different root causes that you might have your wounded feminine energy from.

The Four Root Causes of Wounded Feminine Energy

Let’s start back in childhood. If you had an upbringing that featured yelling, fighting, and constant feelings of hurt – this is very likely where your wounded feminine energy starts. But what if you feel like you’ve had an amazing upbringing?

There might have been moments in your childhood that contributed to a wounded feminine energy. Did you have a fight with your mother, primary caregiver, or even your teacher? Let’s unpack what this root cause might stem from.

It’s also so important to heal from these early wounds as they can impact many of our adult relationships, as well. I encourage you to peel back the layers of hurt from wherever they’ve come from and start to feel whole and well again.

Wounded feminine energy can also come from being in toxic situations or around toxic people. So please, ladies. If you find yourself living with these spaces, find a way to remove yourself from that situation as soon as possible!

Next, we really need to look at society as a whole. The world around us is a heated, hurtful place that can keep us in a space of wounded energy. This one can also apply to your masculine energy, just so you’re aware.

But what if none of these scenarios resonates with why you’re feeling stuck in your wounded feminine energy? It blew my mind when I first learned about inherited generational trauma. This is trauma that’s been passed down through your maternal lineage and is scientifically proven to exist.

Ladies, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the time and do the inner work required to make yourself whole again. You can heal from this wounded energy. You can reconnect with your feminine energy.

Does any of this resonate with you? Were there any moments in your childhood where you felt unsafe or unloved? Where do you feel your wounded feminine energy comes from? Let me know in the comments, lovely!

In This Episode

  • How you can have wounded feminine energy even if you’ve had an amazing upbringing
  • What can happen to your adult relationships if you’ve had wounded energy in your childhood
  • Why you need to peel back the layers to feel whole again
  • How being around toxic people or in toxic situations in your life can impact your connection to your feminine energy
  • How the world around us and society has a huge impact on our wounded feminine (and masculine) energy
  • Where we can inherit wounded trauma from
  • How to commit to doing the work and healing your wounded feminine energy for generations to come


“In your consciousness and in your psyche, when you experience a painful event, what happens is your consciousness almost fractures. Where it was once whole, it almost splits into two and then guards a part of you to protect you from ever feeling that pain again.” (9:37)

“When you’re wounded, you’re really struggling with worthiness, communication, and boundaries. It’s very easy to end up in toxic situations where you’re seeking love, approval, and validation, which unfortunately can sometimes come from the wrong places.” (12:27)

“It’s proven that we, as women, pass down fear, pain, and trauma from generation to generation. When you choose to go on a divine feminine healing journey, essentially what you’re saying is that, ‘the trauma stops with me.’” (17:53)

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