Connecting with your own spirit guides and choosing to work with Divine Feminine Goddesses is within your reach. I was once too scared and held in my masculine energy, but I’m sharing with you in this episode how I created close relationships with my own personal spirit team.

About Knowing your Spirit Guides & Working with Divine Feminine Goddesses

Lovely, I am so excited to share this episode with you! I have had so many questions about how I’ve come to work with my personal spirit team and which Divine feminine Goddesses I feel the most connected with.

First, I want to share that we all have access to the energies of different goddess archetypes within ourselves. Every single woman on this planet can embrace and connect with different energies at any given time.

Most women are more familiar with the Mother archetype, often represented by Mary Magdelene. If you’re embracing your Mother, you will be nurturing, nourishing, and feel gentle connection to others around you. You don’t necessarily have to have children – you can feel this energy towards your friends, your partner, or even your pets.

But what happens when you choose to connect with a different goddess energy? It is absolutely available to you to connect with a specific goddess, if you’ve been feeling called to one or if you know you need that type of energy in your life.

I also talk about how to communicate and ask that your spirit guides reveal themselves to you. Personally, I ask them to come to me in my sleep, as I know I’d be too afraid if they appeared in physical manifestations.

By working with different spirit guides and divine feminine goddesses, you can heal your body and soul, and create space to experience more pleasure. I work with women, now, to help them move past their spiritual blocks. This has opened up such an incredible amount of business success for them and I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore this energy, too.

Finally, I share all of the ways you can find out who your spirit guides are and how to connect with divine feminine goddesses. I invite you to download my free guided meditation to Connect With the Goddess Within.

I would also love for you to join me in a free program I’m running that will immerse you in your Divine Feminine Energy. You can find all the information about this program here.

What Divine Goddess energy will you invoke to work with first? Do you already have experience connecting with your Spirit Guides? Let me know in the comments, lovely!

In This Episode

  • How you can embrace different goddess archetypes within yourself
  • What it looks like to connect with the mother archetype
  • What could happen if you make a connection with a specific goddess energy
  • How to ask for your spirit guides to reveal themselves to you
  • How opening yourself up to different energies and healing can bring about bigger business success
  • Ways you can find your spirit guides and divine feminine goddesses


“What you can do is work with divine feminine goddesses to bring in the qualities that they hold in relation to that area of your life that you don’t feel so comfortable in.” (9:51)

“Clear out any fear, pain, or trauma that we hold within the body so that we are able to receive more pleasure into our body and into our life.” (20:17)

“Everything in your life just becomes so much a deeper, more enjoyable, and pleasurable experience when you immerse more in spirit and when you get more familiar with who your guides are and which energies you feel drawn to work with.” (31:53)

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