Shifting into self-belief comes from believing in yourself and feeling connected with the Universe. When you’re following your soul’s purpose, life unfolds before you. I’m joined by Christina Marcou to talk about how letting your love for yourself create a life full of your wildest dreams.

About Christina Marcou

Christina is from Liverpool, she has her own tech-startup web development company, is an actress in the film Outwitting The Devil which will be the first film to be created from his best selling book and is passionate about self-development, spirituality and removing the illusions that hold us back from being our true selves, which she talks about on her Youtube Channel and in her book Words That Will Make You Believe In Yourself.

About The Power of Self-Belief

I am delighted to be joined by Christina to talk about how we can start shifting our beings into an existence of self-belief. These spiritual journeys we’re on ultimately are not easy. They’re messy, ugly, and hard – it’s no wonder that so many people don’t ever experience one.

But coming out the other side of a spiritual awakening gets you closer to your soul’s purpose. You’ll exist in a space of self-love and step into your self-belief. Christina shares what it was like for her to start believing in herself and how it led to her living in her truth.

The world and all these incredible possibilities started opening up for Christina when she stopped trying to control what was happening. Christina surrendered control to the Universe who put her on the path she was destined for.

Of course, this didn’t mean she was always happy. Growth is pain, growth is grief, and growth is scary. It’s easy to want to stop the journey and get off that ride, but when you heal through the pain, you’re finally able to make the most of your time on this planet. You’re free to live a life that’s truly aligned with your Soul’s Purpose.

For Christina, this looked like finally seeing the bigger picture for her life. She kept it as her main guiding star, seeing where life took her and how she spent her energy. By being more conscious of where she gave freely of her energy, Christina walked more in line with her ultimate purpose in life.

We talk about how your feminine energy actually manifests in your life. Creating space, living in flow, and being kind to yourself are the main takeaways that we can all appreciate.

We also touch on why we actually need to go through those rough patches in our lives. By experiencing pain and darkness, we learn and grow into the incredible women we are now.

How are you treating yourself with love and kindness? What steps are you taking to surrender control to the Universe? Let me know in the comments, lovely!

In This Episode

  • How discovering your soul’s purpose and spiritual awakenings can be ugly and hard
  • What power exists in self-belief
  • How your life opens up for you when you start living in your truth
  • What happens when you surrender control to the Universe
  • How to make the most of your time on earth
  • Why there is grief involved in growth
  • Why you need to keep the bigger picture in focus throughout your life and where you’re spending your energy
  • What your feminine energy is about
  • Why you had to go through bad lessons and periods in your life


“From now on, I don’t know what it is I’m going to do, but I’m going to learn how to believe in myself. Something changes within you when you make that decision that you’re going to change.” (9:52)

“I am the purpose. My life is the purpose, your life is the purpose, everyone’s life is the purpose and all of these things are just expressions that we give back to the world.” (21:38)

“I don’t think people really teach women how powerful they are. I think someone was very scared of how powerful women are and decided to remove women from history.” (34:00)

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