I know the challenge that exists in holding onto your positive thoughts and keeping your faith when times are tough. The world is a challenging place for everyone right now, but you can consciously choose your thoughts to create a more faithful life.

Holding the Faith in Challenging Times

There is so much going on in the world right now; I can completely understand how it could be difficult for you to keep faith. There is this global shift into growth happening and I know that growth is painful, but the other side brings beauty and clarity, trust me.

Keeping the faith when the world is pushing you down is hard. Faith is a conscious choice that you have to make every single day. It’s like a muscle you train regularly in the gym – the more you step into faith, the stronger your faith becomes.

Do you have a strong spiritual core? If you’re not sure what the feels like, in this episode I describe what it feels like for me. It’s a strong sense of knowing, deep inside of myself, that I’m connected with the divine Universe around us.

Going through periods of darkness is a natural part of life. Of course, you’ll feel feelings of despair, grief, and unhappiness – we’re human and we have human emotions. We’re meant to feel these things. Coming out the other side of the darkness brings a sense of inner strength and understanding.

What helps me work through periods of darkness, including this one we’re globally in, is keeping the faith. I understand that yes, I am human, but I’m also divine. I’m the bridge between both – and so are you. Reassure yourself, right now, that you are a divine being.

I also need to tell you that the one and only thing you need to believe is that love is real. Nothing in this world matters except for this understanding that love is the ultimate. Love is real. Everything else comes second and love truly does conquer all.

So how can you create a more divine existence for yourself? Choose love and choose your thoughts. Yes, lovely, you choose your thoughts. If you want a more conscious life aligned with a higher presence, you choose that life. You choose your thoughts and open yourself up to the power of the Universe to create endless magic in your life.

How committed are you to creating a relationship with higher consciousness in the same way as if you’re dating a new guy? Let me know in the comments, lovely!

In This Episode

  • Why we’re all experiencing similar shifts and growths right now
  • How faith becomes a conscious choice you can make
  • What it feels like to have a strong spiritual core
  • What happens when you’re going through a period of darkness
  • How you can being to reassure and reaffirm to yourself that you are a divine being
  • Why you need to remember and believe that only LOVE is real
  • How to choose your thoughts to create a more divine existence
  • What can happen when you give yourself over to the power of the Universe


“Faith needs to be a practice in your life that is cultivated over time. The more that you can commit to some kind of practice that allows you to plant seeds of faith into your mind every single day, then that level of faith is going to build over time.” (7:27)

“I no longer needed to fear being alone because I never, ever am. I’m never alone in this Universe and neither are you. It really began to strengthen this faith in the unseen. Understanding that yes, I’m human, I’m also divine, and I’m the bridge between both.” (20:41)

“Remember that the mind searches for evidence. So we want to feed it the evidence of faith. We want to feed it the evidence that we are supported.” (36:55)

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