Now is the perfect time to examine and reevaluate your values, visions, and how you can step closer to your soul’s purpose. 2020 is a year of change and global elevation; let it be your year to reach new levels of expansion.

About Making Space for New Levels of Expansion

If you’re anything like me, 2020 has been a year of incredible change and creation. Spirit keeps coming to me and telling me that this is true and the world is in flux, finally aligning to where it should be.

With these global changes, I’m experiencing so many personal transformations. I wanted to share with you my process for allowing the Universe to change my path, why I embrace them, and how I’m processing all of this.

It’s only natural that your values and visions will change over time, and I absolutely believe 2020 has had one of the most drastic impacts on our life paths. Instead of clinging onto who we thought we wanted to be, it’s so important to give yourself the space to reevaluate these changes.

If you don’t make space, the Universe will keep you in stagnation and I guarantee you, you will not be living in alignment with your soul’s purpose. But if you accept that it’s time to reevaluate, that Universe will reward you by filling this space with so much love.

A big part of creating space for these changes is in your mindset. You need to see this new version of yourself. Visualise how she dresses, where she lives, what she reads and listens to, who she follows on social media, even who she spends time with.

This is the perfect time to embrace that space the Universe presents you! Purge and rebuild the life you truly desire. Because I guarantee you that when you say YES to the Universe and agree that you’re ready to accept these changes, you will be rewarded with new levels of expansion and consciousness.

What is it that you really value you right now? What is blocking you from stepping into your truest version of yourself? Let me know in the comments, lovely!

In This Episode

  • How your values and visions will change throughout the year and why it’s essential to reevaluate these changes [4:20]
  • What happens within the Universe when you cling to old desires that no longer serve you [13:30]
  • Why a mindset change is absolutely required to step into the new version of yourself [19:00]
  • Why it’s okay to change the people you spend time with in order to advance and align to your next level [21:00]
  • Why you need to embrace that space the Universe creates for you [27:45]


“I had to do a complete life edit on where I was headed, the action I was taking, and completely pivot my behaviours, my mindset, the way that I was thinking, the way I was showing up in the world, the action that I was taking. Because my values and my desires had shifted, I now needed to get into the mindset of becoming the new version of myself in order to pull in all of these desires.” [9:17]

“Check in with yourself. Ask yourself right now, ‘what is it that I really value?’ Because whatever it is that you value most, you want to make sure your vision aligns with these values. Otherwise, your action is not aligned. Any action you take is not taking you closer to the desired outcome that you want to have, so then what’s the point?” [15:47]

“Any time you find yourself holding onto comfort, holding onto what feels familiar, holding onto what feels safe, all you’re really doing is creating a congestion of energy in your life. The only thing constant in this reality is change. You are supposed to continually change, shift, and grow. If you can get yourself into this space of fearlessly letting go of anything or anyone that doesn’t serve you whenever you feel that urge to change, the Universe is always going to bless you by filling that space with love.” [27:11]

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