You don’t need to know where the Universe is taking you. All you need to do is say YES. I’m joined by Raqual Vasallo, spiritual advisor to visionaries and leaders, to talk about saying yes to yourself, the Universe, and your spiritual sexiness.

About Raquel Vasallo

Raquel Vasallo is the #1 Best Selling Author of “Spiritual Seductress, The High-Powered Women’s Guide to Devour the World through Spiritual Guidance.”

She is the pre-eminent Spiritual Advisor to female Visionaries and Leaders. She is an International Speaker, Mystic Artist, and Feminine Leadership Trendsetter.

Struck by a car in 2008, Raquel’s near-death experience elicited a spiritual awakening. She quit her successful career as an NYC architect and embarked on her work as an Elite Spiritual Advisor.

She began working with companies such as Fox Films, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Orange Telecom, McDonald’s, Westin Palace and major advertising agencies like McCann Erickson and BBDO, helping employees and CEOs radically amplify their creativity, innovation and commitment to a greater vision.

Through that work, she found her true calling as an elite mentor to powerhouse visionary women, who are ready to catapult to the next level of success. This time it’s not just about financial success, but radical freedom.

Ten years later, her life shifted again when she underwent a body breakdown from severe mercury poisoning. Not being able to read or write, Raquel started channelling teachings and paintings that became powerful healing and activation portals.

Raquel has a rare gift to rapidly unblock subconscious and energetic patterns. She is a Master Catalyst for profound spiritual fulfilment, unapologetic self-expression, and reaching one’s iconic work in the world.

About Saying Yes to Your Spiritual Seductress

When Raquel has a terrible accident, she experienced an incredible spiritual awakening. Or should we say she was literally thrust into spiritually awakening? She basically had no choice!

But what she found on this path was that her life was transitioning her into her soul’s purpose. She actually found that this accident led her to find her purpose in life – all she had to do was say yes.

We talk about how both of us experienced health problems in our womb that blocked our creative energy. Raquel explains how she took space and time to feel into her womb energy before making any decisions regarding surgery. Now, she’s living her truth, using all the creative energy her womb provides.

As Raquel started living her purpose, she found that all other aspects of her life were improving, too. Let’s make one thing clear, ladies. The Universe wants you to succeed! It will absolutely put you where you should be so you can create your success.

Something that comes up a lot, both for me and Raquel and our clients, is saying yes to the Universe when where it’s pointing you makes no sense. This is where you have to let go of that logical brain and embrace TRUST in the Universe. We promise it’s not going to steer you wrong.

Raquel also talks about combining your spiritual and sexual practices. She’s a firm believer in spiritual sexiness and I love this attitude! Tapping into your sexuality from a spiritual place is honestly so magical.

Finally, we really want to reiterate that you don’t need to understand the HOW of what the Universe is pointing you to. All you need to do is say, “yes,” and let the Universe guide you.

Did you need to hear this message today? What’s one thing the Universe directed you to say yes to that you couldn’t see the point of? Let me know in the comments, lovely!

In This Episode

  • What happens when you say yes to your purpose in life [9:00]
  • How your womb is connected to your creative journey [12:00]
  • How living your purpose improves every aspect of your life [17:30]
  • Why you need to say yes to where your path leads you without understanding where you’re going [27:00]
  • What spiritual sexual energy and spiritual sexiness is [33:30]
  • How following your divine path will lead you exactly where you need to be, even if you can’t see how you’ll make money from that venture [38:00]


“You don’t have to get run over to get on your spiritual path and get on your purpose. It’s really about listening to the little taps and the little whispers that the Universe is giving to you.” [6:40]

“When you start to say yes, to honour who you really are, the truth of who you really are, your vibration changes. You’re on a different frequency. And you become a beacon of light so that other people that either need to work or need to connect with you can actually find you because your light is on now! It’s shining!” [9:25]

“Not everything has to have a logical reason. Your only thing is to say yes.” [23:32]

“Be outrageous because that’s what gets you out of your belief system and the programming that’s been running in your life. If you’re not having everything that you want in every area of your life, you know that that’s what’s running in the background. So you actually get to be all of you and get to be fully, fully self-expressed. It’s no longer about money and what it looks on the outside.” [29:58]

“This is about setting the foundation. You say yes, you get your mind and your ego out of the way, which are really small, and you tap into the bigger potential of the Universe to show you the how. Your mind cannot show you the how. That’s what we’ve been debating our whole life. That’s why we play small. If you’re ready for a big leap – a quantum leap in your life or your business – you have to start playing the bigger game of creation.” [42:43]

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