We all get into triggered states of low-vibe energy. It’s part of this human experience we’ve all signed up for! What truly matters is finding your way out of the darkness. In this episode, ’m sharing the three simple steps I use to clear my low-vibe energy.

About Shifting Your Low Vibe in 3 Simple Steps

We haven’t come into this earthly embodiment to exist only in our highest states. We need to feel and experience low-vibe energy; it’s part of this human life. We agreed to it when we signed up for this journey.

But why do we get in these states? Where does this energy come from? Let’s talk about some of the things that could be triggering you into feeling low-vibe. Because that’s basically what happens – something triggers you throughout your day and sends you into an energy state that takes you away from your high-vibe, happy life.

I want to stress that this is absolutely NORMAL. There’s nothing wrong with you for landing in the low-vibe zone. In this episode, I’m telling you my own method for bringing myself out of a triggered state.

First, you need to share your emotions. Share with yourself, talk about your thoughts and feelings to your family and friends, or some other way. But before you can move on in your life, you need to express these triggered thoughts somehow.

Then, you need to heal yourself from these emotions. There are so many healing modalities available to you at any given time, so find one (or more than one) that speaks to you and use it as often as you need to. Through healing, you might even figure out the root cause of the trigger!

Finally, shift that healing energy into helping someone else. I personally love to share my energy with my clients, but even if you’re not in a business space, find some way to pay this goodness forward.

This is it! These are the three steps I consistently take when I find myself sitting in low-vibe energy. It sounds simple, and it is, but don’t discount its simplicity as something that doesn’t work.

Does this resonate with you? Have you used these or similar steps to reclaim your power? Let me know in the comments, lovely!

In This Episode

  • Why we might be experiencing low vibe energy [3:00]
  • What could be triggering you into feeling low-vibe energy [7:00]
  • Why you need to share your emotions when you’re feeling triggered [13:00]
  • How to heal yourself to work through these emotions, whether shifting or understanding [16:00]
  • What happens when you then shift the energy onto someone else and allow them to heal after your triggering experience [19:00]
  • How recognising your triggers and emotions allows you to get to know yourself better and reclaim your power [23:00]


“Contrast shows up in our reality for Divine Reason. Contrast shows in our reality to gain clarity on what we desire versus what we don’t desire.” [3:05]

“In this human experience that you signed up to be apart of, you came here for it all. You came here knowing that this contrast and this full spectrum of emotions was going to be the navigator that will help you gain clarity along your path.” [5:36]

“When we have the spotlight just on us, it’s so easy to fall into that victim mentality or stay in that low-vibrational state, to hold ourselves in that state.” [19:46]

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