Connecting to your higher self will help you heal and manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of. I’m joined by The LOA Twins to talk about how discovering the Law of Attraction fueled their life and business purpose into something deeply connected with the Universe.

About The LOA Twins

The LOA Twins are on a mission to teach entrepreneurs to self-heal, connect to their higher self, and grow as a person. Collectively, they support their clients to understand the correlation between raising their vibration and self-development and the positive impact of this on business and life.

It’s their vision to see more gorgeous female entrepreneurs fusing the Law of Attraction with unique business strategy to move from STUCK to SPARKLING SUCCESS! When they say sparkle, they mean: stepping into your gorgeous power and manifesting a business which gets client’s heads turning and believing in you and your brand. The LOA Twins are passionate about seeing you grow your business and taking aligned leaps to be the sparkling version of you and your service.

About Higher Self Healing & Sparkling Success with the LOA Twins

The LOA Twins join me to talk about how they transformed their entire life when they embraced the Law of Attraction. But even more than this, they opened themselves up to the magic of the Universe that happens beyond the Law of Attraction. Together, they help their clients tap into their highest selves to create the life and business they’ve always wanted.

One of the core pillars of their work is stopping negative belief cycles. These are cycles that begin while we’re still even in the womb and impact our lifes, unconsciously, from the moment we’re born. They explain how you can start to break free of these cycles and what happens when you do.

It’s also a pillar of our existence to return to our original state of being love labelled. We are conceived as a complete, love labelled soul, but the negative belief cycles and fears we carry from birth prevent us from returning to that love. The LOA Twins share what you can do to return to love.

Working with the Law of Attraction, the Universe, and business, The LOA Twins often encourage their clients to go on a walk instead of settling into that hustle mindset. This is called the Law of Balance and is something we should all strive for. When we’re living a balanced life – in between the hustle and bustle of business, creating space to breath, and everything in between – your life and business will honestly fall into place around you.

What I personally like to do, and it’s something that I never made space for before, is to order my business calls in a way that let’s me relax in between. Where previously I would move into a day of calls in that total hustle mindset that left me exhausted at the end of the day, now I light candles, surround myself with fresh flowers, take dance breaks, and make space to water my plants. Just this simple change to my day created more abundance in my mindset.

The LOA Twins share with me their higher selves and what these connections are like. When they made these connections, not just with their own higher selves, but with each other’s too, they become healed, love labelled versions of themselves. They want to help you return to this love, too.

Have you connect with your higher self? How can you start healing your negative belief cycles and fears starting today? Let me know in the comments, lovely!

In This Episode

  • Where the real work happens beyond the Law of Attraction
  • What happens when you repeat negative belief cycles and how you can break free of them
  • How you can become more love labelled
  • Why you need to activate your Law of Balance in order to move forward with your life and business
  • How to create a creative and balanced environment to boost your energy and invite more calm vibes into your working life
  • Why you have to connect with your highest self to become a healed, love labelled version of yourself


“When you strip it all back, it all just comes down to fear. But what we teach our clients is that that fear that you’re experiencing in the moment isn’t about the now, it’s about your past.” (7:24)

“There’s one thing changing a subconscious belief. The hardest part is actually living that truth. It’s like, ‘the truth is, I am good enough,’ but you’re not actually living it every single day. You’re just dipping in and out of it and doing it when you feel good. The hardest part is actually living your truth.” (19:53)

“Nobody can help you. The only person that can help you is your highest self.” (34:43)

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