My spiritual journey led me to rise up after hitting rock bottom. By turning to spirituality, just to see what happened, I connected with the wisdom and guidance of the Universe in ways I never knew were possible. I’m Sarah Flynn, and this is my story.

Rising Up from Rock Bottom

I am so excited to share with you the story of my healing that took me on a spiritual journey of change. Before I share with you exactly what this journey looked, like, I want you to know that there is no end goal on these healing journeys. For so many of us, we’re so focused on the destination that we don’t look at the woman that we’re becoming on the way.

Like many of you, I have changed so much from who I used to be. As easy as it would be to want to forget her, I encourage you to appreciate and love her. The journey she went on, the experiences she had, all led you to where you are now.

I knew I was at rock bottom. Even though I was in a well-paying construction job, living the life of my dreams in Barcelona, and in a long-term relationship, that picture perfect life left me feeling unfulfilled and empty inside. Looking back at that person, I realise now that I was living in a wounded feminine version of my energy.

I decided then and there to try this thing called spirituality. To really give it a chance for 21 days. You know what happened? I touched a place within me I’ve never seen before and I surged forward. By having a daily non-negotiable spiritual practice, I learned how to let my heart lead the way and truly embarked on a spiritual journey that took me to where I am now: helping other beautiful women connect with the Universe.

But you know what? I wouldn’t be where I am not, leading the life I am now so in touch with my spirit guides and the Universe, if it hadn’t been for those periods of darkness. We need the darkness in our lives in order to see the light and move forward.

Where are you on your spiritual journey? If you’re just getting started, or even just dipping your toe in, what questions do you have? Let me know in the comments, lovely!

In This Episode

  • Why there’s no end goal on the healing journeys we are on
  • How to appreciate and love the person you used to be
  • What it looks like to live in a wounded feminine version of your energy
  • How life can look so good on the outside, but feel so empty and lost on the inside
  • What it looks like to let your heart lead the way
  • How I turned to a life of spirituality after feeling unfulfilled with what I was doing
  • What happens when you embark on a spiritual journey of change
  • Why we need to go through periods of darkness
  • Why you should start a non-negotiable spiritual practice


“The gift and the beauty and the treasure is all found in the journey. It’s found in the woman you are becoming and not necessarily in the achievement that you get at the end.” (3:19)

“As soon as you start asking question, the Universe is going to start delivering you answers.” (12:55)

“It’s so essential for us to reach that place of rock bottom, to be cracked open, to let the love in, to let the light in, which then gives us that foundation to build upon because we’ve got nothing else to lose.” (22:33)

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